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Spoofing Uses

Privacy with Spoofing

The main reason why people spoof their caller ID is for privacy.  When you spoof caller ID, you prevent the person you are calling from knowing who you are.  Spoofing your number is an alternative to blocking your phone number. Read More

Investigative Spoofing

Caller ID spoofing is used often during investigations.  Originally, call spoofing wasn't really available to the general public and was  only used by private investigators and law enforcement.  Read More

Spoofing for Business

If you're a professional, caller ID spoofing can be quite handy.  You can call clients back from any number and have it appear as though you are calling from the office. Read More

Caller ID Spoofing



Caller ID spoofing
is the act of changing, or "spoofing," what someone sees on their call display when you place a call to them.  Instead of blocking or revealing your real number, you choose any number you want to show up.

Who uses Caller ID Spoofing?

Caller ID spoofing is used by a variety of individuals and businesses.  Businesses often spoof caller ID when they are making numerous outgoing calls, such as when placing collection calls for outstanding bills.  As well, law enforcement and investigation organizations use caller ID spoofing to help lure or gain information on suspects by posing as friends or acquaintances.

Individuals spoof their caller ID for a lot of reasons.  Some people spoof their caller ID every time they make a call.  Even if you're not worried about disguising your number from the people you are calling, there is always the risk of the person losing their phone with your number listed on it.  A lot of people, especially celebrities, want to avoid exposing their phone numbers, so they spoof their number. 

 Why Spoof?

With caller ID spoofing, you can disguise yourself as anyone you want.  No one will ever have to know your real identity. 

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